Saturday, February 19, 2011

Addy Awards 2010

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The ADDY Awards is the world's largest advertising competition with over 50,000 entries annually. Founded in Florida in 1960, it was adopted by the American Advertising Federation, a not-for-profit industry association, as a national competition in 1968.
The ADDY Awards is unique among other advertising creative competitions in that it is the only competition that includes three levels of judging: local, regional, and national. Winning an ADDY at each level qualifies the work to progress to the next higher level...

This year I had the great opportunity this year to be a part of the Addy Awards.
It is a great organization, and an honor to have my work be submitted. 
The most powerful thing about this awards ceremony is the bringing together of students, our faculty, and industry professionals. Especially so, because networking is such a key part to students future.

People's Choice Award

Showing of Addy Award Winning Pieces

Faculty member Chris Huitt's GIT Posters 
produced for a graphics conference in Chicago, IL

Chris Huitt- Graphic Design Guide Service 
Personalized Paint Can design

Pitt State Entries

A few of my entries

Myself and Caitlyn Lawrence

Inspiration for sugary spoons

Chris Huitt and our investigations project- Sugary Spoons

Christel Benson and my final digital file prep. project, PSU Mini Baja Brochure

Naturally it was a full moon.

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