Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brainstorming: Movie Poster

A collage is the art of assembling many different forms together to create a whole new one. Artists have been working with collage for centuries, and it is specifically appealing because it goes outside "the norm." Eye catching & beautiful, when put together well, they are very different from the plain confines of your typical surroundings.

In my latest assignment I was to select a classic film. Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 Romantic Comedy "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is everything that a classic movie should entail. Stemming from the great Truman Capote novel, the imagery that came to mind is powerful as well as intriguing.

I felt a collage was a great place where I could show a modern take on the personality of the main character Holly Golightly. Her lifestyle is somewhat confusing, as she flits through parties with a sexy sophisticated air, but when alone is a vulnerable bundle of neuroses.

Here I pair related imagery using the creative tool of synthesis, merging, and juxtaposing the visuals together to form a new combination.

Copyright © 2011 Hillary Heflin. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Layout & Design: Type Driven Website Promotion Poster

Ampersand is a fictitious web-page that I created for the sake of one of my latest Layout and Design Projects at hand. I thought to myself- What kind of website would I like to look at- that doesn't exist, and what could also, in turn ...make an existing one better.

I love the concept of and thought It would be cool to stream more independent films exclusively, and have the option of uploading your own. More artsy fartsy, if you will.

This led me to one of my favorite symbols in my love of typography- ah, the ampersand.
Being that it is a beautiful part of type, I thought I would make the entire poster driven by typography.
There is something so powerful about this symbol, and to me is much more than just "and", it symbolizes the very thing that drives film- Collaboration.
I used several fonts from the Helvetica family, and also experimented with a few more unrecognizable types too.

I let a bit of my natural creativity fly, and viola!
With many versions.... The results are SPiCY.

Spring Photography

Let's spice it up.
Since the weather has been so gorgeous, I was out enjoying the 58 degree weather and taking some great shots as the sun went down today. I am so thankful to feel the warmth!

I picked a spot to shoot at the veteran's memorial on our campus, truly breathtaking.

My goals for this assignment are to manually use a single lens reflex camera to display the following:
Formal Balance, Informal Balance, Framing Techniques, and cropping with the lens.
... as well as capture 3 angles- Birds eye view, Worms eye view, and Normal eye view.

And capture I did!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Addy Awards 2010

File:Addy Awards.jpg
The ADDY Awards is the world's largest advertising competition with over 50,000 entries annually. Founded in Florida in 1960, it was adopted by the American Advertising Federation, a not-for-profit industry association, as a national competition in 1968.
The ADDY Awards is unique among other advertising creative competitions in that it is the only competition that includes three levels of judging: local, regional, and national. Winning an ADDY at each level qualifies the work to progress to the next higher level...

This year I had the great opportunity this year to be a part of the Addy Awards.
It is a great organization, and an honor to have my work be submitted. 
The most powerful thing about this awards ceremony is the bringing together of students, our faculty, and industry professionals. Especially so, because networking is such a key part to students future.

People's Choice Award

Showing of Addy Award Winning Pieces

Faculty member Chris Huitt's GIT Posters 
produced for a graphics conference in Chicago, IL

Chris Huitt- Graphic Design Guide Service 
Personalized Paint Can design

Pitt State Entries

A few of my entries

Myself and Caitlyn Lawrence

Inspiration for sugary spoons

Chris Huitt and our investigations project- Sugary Spoons

Christel Benson and my final digital file prep. project, PSU Mini Baja Brochure

Naturally it was a full moon.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final Project: Investigations

For my investigations class, I have been working all semester to research branding design, and packaging. I have an odd love for packaging design, and have a keen eye to notice unique labels, or interesting designs on everyday products. One of the sites I stay up to date on is the die line. you can visit it here. It is a SPICY fabulous site that even features student work like mine, and also highlights the best of the best from shelves all over the world. It is known as the world's #1 Package Design Website.

I grew up in a household where cooking and baking are included in some of my best memories, and shape the way we live. Food is very important to us, and is the foundation of our family and the traditions we hold dear. I have a passion for flavors, and the way they can make you feel. Even the image of food I find very powerful, the way it can entice you, or catch your attention, just the same way that good design functions.

Forever and always I will remember my mother baking, and the smells that came out of her convection oven. Equipped with the finest of kitchen aid mixers, and spatulas galore, she practices her art. Tedious, meticulous measuring of ingredients, and love pouring into each creation, she bakes. Each batch specifically designed for family friends, co-workers, and hungry college students, they all have a special touch. You may ask yourself, "how much fun could a woman really have baking?" That question is easily answered with a trip to our kitchen. At all hours there is usually something in the works, and our fridge space gets limited- hence bowls of batter. Laughter is always a part of the "mix", and has created these fond memories of mine. In all times, good and bad- food is what brings us together, one table, one family, and a few sugary spoons.

I myself fall in the shadows of my mothers great skills in the kitchen, but greatly admire her seemingly natural abilities to whip up something delicious. I have teased her for years about creating a business, encouraging her to make her mark on the catering world. While it is still a non for profit operation, I decided to use this story as inspiration for my investigations class.

In this class I am studying InDesign, and wanted to bring my love for branding to life for a fictitious business for my mother. She and I brainstormed a bit about the name, mostly coming up with rejects, but one we really liked: Sugary Spoons. It seemed we always had a few of those laying around, and the name just fit. 

I wanted a color scheme that really depicted the feelings that her desserts conveyed, if at all possible to translate. Something light, sweet, interesting, unexpected, and exciting. Color is a huge part of design, I spent hours thinking about what would be a good palette to work with. Adobe KULER is an awesome resource for exploring and creating color themes, where I made my final decision here. The title of this color scheme is appropriately: SUGAR..

Thumbnails and sketches for this project are numerous. At the start, I had too much inspiration and not enough direction, but finally narrowed things down to begin creating my brand.
I worked diligently on the logo and came up with two really great designs. The latter being my favorite, I could see so many variations of it working wonderfully.

First Thumbnail Sketches
 Menu ideas
 close up of sketches
 ideas galore, note the sugar pile in the top right.

logo sketches

Mission Statement:
Sugary spoons is locally owned
and operated innovative business with strong community involvement. Committed to serving our customers with high quality products homemade from all natural ingredients. We have a fully green bakery, first of its kind.
Started in our own kitchens
Our recipes have been passed down for generations as a tradition, quality tested and perfected over
time. Since then expanding from one location to
six worldwide. Our success is based off of age old
methods with a modern twist of our iconic
We want to stimulate our customers love
for good cooking through connecting
people to the tastes they grew up
craving. Just like Grandma baked it.
Fresh, with Love.

Welcome to Sugary Spoons Bakery!


MENU: Rough Draft
Outside Front

 Inside fold in panels
 Cover of inside folding panels 
-- with customized product logos

Band I 
(around menu to hold it folded shut.)
Band II

Sample Labeling



Business Card 
Front and Back

The printed pieces turned out great, pardon the quality of these pictures from my mac screen, but I just wanted to give you an idea of how it looks in hand.

Exterior of Menu folded up, with matching band shown above.
 With band off, this is the first direction the menu folds out.

 First opening panels
(top left has a paper insert to show the mission statement peeking out below, while it is folded.)
 third fold opened to reveal the four menu icons.

 Inside folds of menu icons.


Detail of pastry box.
 Jar Design
 several printed projects.
another box detail

I hope you enjoyed seeing a close look at this project, I worked very hard on it, and I am continuing to develop branding ideas surrounding this topic. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but was a great learning experience, mistakes and all. These projects aren't perfect, but will build a better understanding and expand my reach towards my future ventures. The most important thing, is that I absolutely enjoyed learning while making this campaign project.
Please give me your feedback!

First, Thank you for reading Spicy America, as well as...
A special thank you to Mr. Chris Huitt, who was my teacher for this class, he had a great hand in helping me with the software I used, and pushed me in the right direction and was overall a great resource.